Travel in Argentina

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires as the capital city of Argentina is known as the Paris on the land South America. Here you can enjoy the benefit that the modern world has brought to us as well as the splendid nature beauty. The first thing that comes into the travelers mind is the recommendations. And today, I would like to recommend you some of the best recommendations for you.
The first one that I want to introduce is called Faena Hotel & Universe which is one of the top hotels in this city. This is a five-star hotel, but much better than the other five-star hotels around the city. Since it is located quite near the Puerto Madero, it is also a good choice to take an adventure of the surrounding areas. After shopping on one of the pedestrian paths, you can get the upmost service in that hotel. This hotel is built based on an old grain silo which creates an unique atmosphere for the customers’ stay. The decoration and design in the hotel also create a relaxing atmosphere for the guests. And you can also enjoy the health club, swimming pool and bars in the restaurant. I bet this place will never let you down.

Then what would you enjoy on the land of wonders. It is the Tango show. This city is also known as the city of Tango. Various kinds of Tango shows and festivals are held every now and then. There you can find many Tango houses. The atmosphere, the food as well as the superb Tango show can absolutely cheer you up. In those show houses, you would feels like you are in a 1920’s speakeasy. This is a perfect spot for families and couples. This is also a good way of join the local city life. And the show played at Esquina Carlos Gardel is the best.
If you want to take back some souvenirs, I suggest you San Telmo district. Along the sides of the street, you can enjoy the street performances, say dancers, puppeteers, etc.

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