Flying over the Rocky Mountains – skiing in Aspen


North American alpine powder snow

The United States has been looking for an opportunity to experience the world-class ski resorts, especially Beijing’s successful bid to host the Winter Olympic Games, always wanted to visit to the world-class venues, as well as supporting the development of neighboring cells; and global famous Aspen snow mountains ski village, first held in 2016 in Beijing promotion, also introduced Aspen ski Chinese official website, from the Aspen ski resort with Chinese website. (Http://

For the love of good skiers, the Aspen is a skier’s Mecca.

Skiing with friends to say to the United States, American colleagues immediately answer, the matter went to Colorado, with her friends, said the United States wanted to ski, they said in unison, Colorado, ski the best. Colorado so big, so many ski alone (Denver) surrounding the resort and its capital, Denver, either.

But if the life of people is necessary to a ski mountain, this Colorado Aspen ski as “Al-Quds”, must not be missed.


Skiing Mecca

Aspen Ski Resort


Online information about Aspen ski area can be a lot, but the official Chinese website has more pages, content categories carefully, especially recommended is the Chinese version of the ski school introduction ( . Official website visitors to take care of all levels of skiing, do not ski, there is a wealth of detailed information on the fun of playing, very convenient.

However, among the mysteries of the ski slopes, in particular, can save money, save time, place, absolutely can not be found online, there is no good Aspen ski Raiders. If this line can get some hints beforehand that ski sports more fun and have more time through Aspen.


Aspen miracle

Aspen miracle

Located in the Midwestern United States Colorado Aspen (Aspen), it is the product of the American West Development Period. 19 th century upon USA caravans Zheng Xi, rushed from the east coast of the western cowboy with the golden dreams, he found Colorado is rich in silver, the most famous in the history of the United States set off a Colorado silver mine prosperous period. In 1879 from nearly 20 years, the value of silver mined in Colorado as much as $ 85 million. Until 1893 the United States will implement the purchase of the Sherman Silver Act, Dayton silver price collapse overnight Aspen silver is no longer a young family to pack valuables, and then further moved so far in the West Bank, leaving the city’s everywhere a poplar (Aspen) forest stands.

Poplar named after small towns, today became the nation’s most expensive tourist resort, skiing and mountain gave birth to a series of cultural, known as the cultural capital of the United States skiing, Han Yun art treasures and charming country music, the most famous nurturing American country folk singer John Denver’s “Rocky mountain high” (Rocky mountain High) until the 1972 winter Olympics in Sapporo, Japan, the General Assembly also selected the theme music song becoming the winter Olympics.

From a flourish and become an old abandoned mining town, transformed into the world’s most luxurious ski village, Aspen Mountain attraction is really huge. And from our skiing, stroll in the small towns, both feel that their hard-won success of the transition, which is hard power and soft power-track development.



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