Blue Caves in Zakynthos, a Magical World

Zakynthos Zakynthos Zakynthos

Zakynthos is the second most visited big island in the Ionian Sea. There are many fecund valleys and plains in the beautiful landscape. Attracted by the sacred natural beauty, numerous visitors come to the place. Among the charming scenic spots are the stunning blue caves, also known as the blue caves of Volimes, the place name. The area is remote and can only reach by sea. However, this inconvenient doesn’t stop them from becoming a main attraction of the island, particularly at some certain times of the day.

The largest cave is called Kianoun. And you can easily rent a boat at the town port to travel to almost all the caves. The most fantastic factor of the caves is the light reflections among the cave stones, water and the limpid sky, making the whole world blue. This bizarre phenomenon is more magical during the sunset or sunrise.

What are surrounding this marvelous environment are inspiring arches created by erosion of centuries. And the even more fascinating part of the magical world is the unspeakable sight of the underwater, wonderful place for diving.

The experience of getting underwater to discover the hidden beauty of the blue caves makes your trip a lifetime one. What’s more, the underwater world is hardly dark because the light rays dye the water with turquoise shines, creating an enchanted sight.

These experiences often remind the visitors of many myths, palaces or fantastic literary characters in Greek artworks. They now know how the great inspiration was thrown into the ancient artists’ minds. Whoever you travel with, the indispensable company during the visit is a good set of digital camera. And even you don’t like diving, the trip is still a nice sail experience, besides the peaceful atmosphere and the stunning views that far away from the noisy town.

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