2go travel: Batangas – Boracay (Caticlan entry) Classic route

Late afternoon on a Sunday, mid-March, Batangas Port Terminal 2 looked glum and abandoned from the outside. Our van circled the lonely two-story structure until we got to its main entrance. Summer was just about to start in the Philippines, and the crew of GMA News TV’s Pop Talk were off to an early sun worship. That, and a shoot in Boracay for their third anniversary special episode. We will describes 2go travel information

I was to be a guest on the show. And truth be told, that’s the only reason why I was going back to the island. I’m not a big fan of what the place has become, so I certainly wasn’t thrilled to learn (The night before the trip!) that we’ll be traveling for nine hours by vessel to get there.

“The journey is the destination.” These words rung in my ears. I had been cooped in a cozy shell too long, I turned into a whiner. I opted to suck it up. To, you know, practice what I preach.

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A behemoth. With a cute color scheme.

We hopped off the vehicle as soon as the other van arrived, and followed the lead of 2Go Travel Marketing and Events Manager Ervin Andaya. Our group was there two hours before boarding time so we didn’t battle our way in. The cameramen took their time placing their precious equipment on the conveyor belt for the x-ray machine while the rest of us proceeded to the check-in counter.

One by one, our photos were taken with a webcam for documentation. Tickets were distributed and we all dispersed.

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Batangas Port Terminal 2 ain’t flashy, but well kept. It’s air-conditioned, and could get darn cold when uncrowded. There’s a 7-11, a cafeteria, even a massage stall. Smokers may go out for a drag, just ask the guard where. The place did a pretty job in entertaining us those two hours. And because I was in good company, I hardly noticed the time.

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We were allowed to board half an hour earlier so that the crew can do a quick shoot. Before setting foot on the vessel, luggage are further inspected by a sniffer dog. May take only a few seconds per person but could cause a build up on human traffic.
Up the steps, on the first landing, is the reception/lobby and a snack bar. The cabin and state rooms, in which we were assigned, are on this level as well. I checked in a cabin good for four, and shared it with Ervin who quickly became my bestie in the group.
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2go travel
Keen on hitting the sack early, we headed to Horizon for dinner before the rest of the passengers started pouring in. The restaurant’s on the next level above the lobby, same floor as the Super Value Class hall. Horizon’s meals are far from fancy, but still a good feed. Reasonably priced too. The group ordered every kind of dish available. We finished our feast well before the 9:00 PM departure time.
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My roommate and I decided to take a peek at the bar before calling it a night. We found the whole Pop Talk crew there and they sure weren’t ready to retire. A tower of weng weng was sitting on their table and yes, we joined in the fun. We watched the cover band, requested for songs — even danced to a couple of ’em.

I sang the last song (I drunkenly volunteered to do Shakira). Everyone was on their feet at that point. Dancing, or leaving the bar cause of my singing, I wasn’t sure. I didn’t care.

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The bar at daytime.
The band bade goodnight. We bade each other goodnight too. But instead of going back to our respective rooms, celebrity Mico Aytona and I stayed behind to chug all unfinished drinks and babble about random stuff. He and I were up until four-ish in the morning and the vessel was to arrive at Caticlan Jetty Port in less than two hours.
Nine-hour journey. Just like that.
“The journey is the destination.”
2Go Travel knows so.
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