Ready for the Fear? The Most Terrifying Haunted House in the World

Terrifying Haunted House Terrifying Haunted House Terrifying Haunted House

Saikyo Senritsu Meikyu is the biggest and the most bloodcurdling haunted house in Guinness World Records. It locates in Fuji Q Highland (amusement park) near Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

Japanese-style horror is famous for the spirit thrilling, this haunted house explains the feeling to the extreme. The appearance of the house is a main hospital building, old, shabby and desolate. Much different from other so called haunted houses, there are no established routes in Saikyo Senritsu Meikyu, visitors can walk freely, if they dare to do so, in the hospital.

The inspiration of the hospital design mostly takes from the games Silent Hill and Seven Days to Death. The shadow and ghost effects inside the hospital are so realistic that you can hardly keep fearless. Moreover, there are many doors that need you open them by hand, often linked with some surprise device. Together with the corpses and skeletons, some moving zombies are moving in the dark, causing some fearful noise. This is just the experience of a horror movie, but you are inside it.

The story of the hospital is also a shocking one. The hospital was once a first-class one, but because of the greed of the Dean and some doctors, they murdered many of the patients and take out their internal organs for sale. The souls of the innocents turned into ghost and revenged on the doctors and killed them too. At last, the hospital became a waste one.

You journey starts by watching a short movie of the story. Then you will be assigned into a team of two or three people. Staff will tell you never loose your hand with your teammates, but you will forget this when you are screaming and running away from a zombie, when you are left alone, the true horror comes.

The total length is about 700 meters. It takes you about 50 minutes to get through the hospital. But many visitors will drop out in the midway from the help stations. Some may be stunned and convulsive, then be carried out by a litter. The shortest record is 3 minutes, created by a visitor screaming and running outside from the entrance.

Some brave visitors suggest going not according to the signs, for there are more surprises in the dark corners.

Note: Do Not beat the moving zombies, they are only actors and will not really harm or bite you.

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