South Africa Travel: Attractions and Destinations for Travelers

South AfircaSouth Afirca

It is believed that South Africa’s history starts from the Portuguese arrival. Because of the European immigration in its earlier time, there is a wide variety of ethnic groups in the country. South Africa is the most southern region in Africa and it has a long coastline. Its great natural wealth, breathtaking landscapes, and various opportunities attract people all over the world to come here.

There are a lot attractions and destinations in South Africa for tourists to visit. Pretoria is not only the capital city but also is one of the most important industrial centers of this country. And the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa just sits here. There are a lot of other tourist cities here, such as Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg and so on.

Cape Town is popular for its beaches. From the Table Mountain in Cape Town, tourists can have a bird view of the whole city and its beautiful beaches. Garden Route, which is an unique scenic spot, is just like a natural theme park for its lakes, lagoons, forests and waterways. And in Cape Winelands, where many of the world’s best wines are produced, tourists can taste kinds of cheeses and wines.

The most popular city in South Africa is Johannesburg, which is the transit point of connecting flights.And its article and historical museums attract a lot of tourists. As a major holiday resort, Durban has many reserves and attractions to visit, like Burman Bush Nature Reserve and Beachwood Mangroves Nature Reserve. Durban’s seaside also attracts a lot of people, where people can enjoy many kinds of sport instruments. Port Elizabeth is known for its sandy beaches, sunshine and thriving nightlife. And also people visit here because of its reserves and parks. The Sowete city has many historical sights.

As a South African Travel attraction, Sun City offers tourists relaxation, entertainment, and kinds of activities. Tourists here can enjoy a whole day at the Pilanesberg National Part. Balloon Safaris is a traditional activity here. What’s more, tourists can ride on the back of elephants or try the quad biking.

And the most popular natural reserve in South Africa, Kruger National Park, is really a wildlife reserve because there are so many animal species and habitats. This park offers African tourists a feeling of safari so that it is viewed as one of the top three safari destinations in Africa. In addition it is also the best location to birdview the scenery of Africa. Here it’s likely that you will have a view of the Big Five in Africa, that is , elephant, leopard, rhino, lion and buffalo.

Hermanus offers tourists a world’s best location to watch the land-based whale, and the popular Whale Festival is hosted here . And Drakensberg, or Dragon Mountains will offer you a best perfect place to take nature photography.
South Afirca has numerous national parks, natural and game reserves, charming landscapes and historical places, which in turn bring many opportunities for the development of South Africa. And the luxury hotels here will make your trip very comfortable.

Generally speaking South Africa offers tourists beautiful beaches, different cultures,excellent safaris, vibrant cities and the world’s best wines.

There are many other scenic spots worth visiting in South Africa, which we cann’t introduce respectively. In order to save time and travel more places in South Africa, you’d better collect some information from the travel video and plan your trip reasonably.

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