Attractions of Sapporo Area

Sapporo Area Sapporo Area Sapporo Area Sapporo Area

Located in the western part of Hokkaido, Sapporo is the biggest city of this island. In the north of this city, there are many financial institutions and trading companies. And the local government offices also sit here. However, the south of this city is the major shopping center, which is always very busy. The main transportation hub in this city is the Sapporo Station, where you can also find JR lines, subways and both tourist and local buses. Odori Avenue Park sits in the center of this city, and stretches from east to west. This park is one of the symbols of this city, and filled with fountains, art objects, acacia plants, lilac and numerous flowerbeds.

The Sapporo City Clock is a large clock tower, which has stood here for over a century.

The old Hokkaido government building is a neo-baroque style building, and when it is light up at night, it looks just like a “Red Brick”.

Hokkaido University is a famous university all over the world. And outside of it are many lush poplars.

Odori Avenue Park, which has been mentioned above, is a large park. In summer, there are many beer gardens here. While in winter, it would become a location for a snow festival, during which you can see many beautiful snow statue and ice statues.

The Hot Spring of Jozan-kei-onsen sits in a ravine in the southwest part of Sapporo. This hot spring flows upstream next to the Toyohiragawa River and is encompassed by many mountains. It is named after its discoverer, a monk named Jozan. This hot spring is especially famous for its waters, which has many kinds of minerals, such as sulfur, salt and boric acid.

Jozan Valley, Sapporo’s back parlor, is one of the famous attractions in this city. And its symbol is Kappa, which is an imagined water sprite. And around the spa resorts are more than twenty Kappa statues. Also, there is a Pool of Kappa in this valley, and in August, this place would become the location of a Kappa Festivla.

There are also many facilities provided for visitors here, like the Sapporo International Ski Resort and the natural walkway near the ravine. Also, Jozan Valley is lively for the whole year because it is a hub to offer stopping place for visitors from the Nakayama-toge Pass to go to Lake Toya-ko.

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