The Same Day, Two Festivals-Warei Taisai Festival & Uwajima Ushi-Oni Matsuri


After you find the Yosan Line, get on it at the Matsuyama Station until you stop at the JR Uwajima Station after 1 hour and 20 minutes ride. And then walk fifteen minutes from the JR Uwajima Station, you will have a chance of witness two festivals at the same day at Warei-jinja Shrine. And this day is chosen between July 22nd and July 24th.

On the 24th of July, there are two festivals. During the day time it is the Uwajima Ushi-Oni Matsuri. In Japanese legend there exists a monster named Ushi-Oni whose body looks like a cow and the head is a head of the horrible ogre whose name is oni. And during this festival people will parade with the floats shaped like Uwajima Ushi-Oni Matsuri. People are using the red clothes to cover the body of the monster. And this time the monster is six meters in height. During this festival, there are other exciting things, like the firework, and the dancing competition. At the same time the togyu, a
traditional Japanese bullfighting, will put on the show at Uwajima City Bull Ring. In the front of the Warei-jinja Shrine stands a torii made of stone. In Japanese culture torii is a gate erected. And this one in front of the Warei-jinja Shrine is the biggest in Japan.

During the evening of the day, the Hashirikomi will put on the show. This event is a heroic mikoshi show, which means portable shrine in Japanese. In the darkness, a group of young men are carrying three portable shrines on their shoulders. And the distance they have to walk lasts from the Port of Uwajima to the mouth of the Sukagawa River. And there is no light, so they have to light up the pine torch and struggle through mud and water. The destination is the front door of Warei-jinja Shrine. When they arrive at that place they will dance and have the climbing pole context. If you are the first one to get on the pole, you will get the good luck throughout the year. While all these activities are going on, the other competitors will beat the drum, and this will enlighten the atmosphere of the festival.

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