Lead Your Way to Awa-Odori Folk Dance Festival

Dance Festival Dance Festival Dance Festival

This is a festival of dancing and singing. And if you want to join the local people it is quite easy. A ten minutes’ walk from JR Tokushima Station will leads you there. But make sure that you get there at the exact time of the year- August 12th-15th, at the city of Tokushima, Tokushima Prefecture. You would never miss it.

There are many tales about the origin of this festival. But the most popular one is the one dates back to the feudal lord Hachisuka Iemasa. In the year 1587 when the Tokushima Castle was first built, the lord was so happy that he gave the residences there some sake to drink. But the local people had too much, and all of them got drunk. And they cannot stand still that they started to dance in an unsteady gait. Awa is what this city called before, so the name of the festival is called Awa-Odori Folk Dance Festival. For this festival is a festival for the folk people. On that day, people in that city will dance together. The special part of the dance is that when you step forward your left foot, you have to raise your left arm. And the same thing happens on you right foot and arm. You should never mix them. The local people dance it with their energy and enthusiasm. And along with the dance, there are also flutes playing and drum beating, and also a performance of traditional Japanese musical instruments which has three strings.

During the day time, the performance will be given on a stage. And during the evening comes the most exciting part of the festival. And the atmosphere reaches its peak at 10:30 p.m. Everyone in the city will dance with the rhythm at every corner of the road.

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