Lake Austin Spa Resort—Comfort Your body And Soothe Your Soul

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Lake Austin Spa Resort in the Texas Hill Country has won its reputation and popularity since it was established long ago. Nowadays the resort has become one of the best destination spas of the country, without doubt.
Most of the resort’s rooms are beside water: along the waterfront sidewalk stand 40 countries-style rooms which are arranged in a single file. Guests can exercises Yoga on a special deck expending into the crystal-like water, or choose the indoor room with large windows, through which you can overlook the calm level and lush woodland. You can use two-hand sculls, boats or water bikes to ride on the lake and even take private lessons from professional water skier. Once you are tired and ready to relax, board the pontoon and take a bird-watching trip. Hundreds of elegant birds will skim over the lake and fly through the woods. What’s more, there are many water activities including Pilates core work, body pump, tai chi, spinning and taekwondo.

Put on sandals and fluffy bathrobes and go to the new 25,000-square-foot spa Lake House Spa. The building is made up of local yellow limestone and ornamented with quilts from Texas State Fair. There are many kinds of spas that you can choose from: body scrubbing, bath , body wrap or River Rock Message. Good news for needle-phobic people is that Lake Austin offers a unique treatment called Manaka Tapping Treatment, which uses wooden mallets instead of needles to make your body healthier.

Dining room is another attraction of Lake Austin Spa Resort. Stuffed quail with bourbon and blackstrap sauce sounds wonderful. The better thing is the environment — in the grandiose dining room which can hold 65 people, people from ever where can communicate with each other freely and happily. When it’s dark, you can take a view of the bright moonlight and lake, sleeping wallowing in rosemary’s fragrance.

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