Choose Thailand: The Land Of Freedom – for a Memorable Vacation

If you are looking for a unique and memorable vacation, a destination of indescribable beauty, and a destination that isn’t the same old, same old, you need to look at what Thailand.

Thailand has so much to offer those seeking the perfect holiday, from luscious beaches to great food, ancient history and archeological sites – even beautiful golf courses. There are endless opportunities to explore, relax and experience a new culture. The people of Thailand are warm and enthusiastic hosts whose aim is to make you feel welcome. Below are some reasons to make Thailand your next holiday destination:

The People and Culture:
With a population of nearly 60 million, Thailand is no small, backwoods country. It takes up an area of approximately 513,115 sq. km. of its Southeast Asia location. Its culture is primarily Buddhist, that faith making up 95% of the population. The word Thai actually means “free” and Thais take great pride in their nickname: The Land of the Free.

These people have an intense respect and loyalty for their monarchy. In fact, that is the one area that could create serious problems for visitors. Speaking ill of their monarchy is not tolerated. It could lead to serious legal ramifications and even prison time. So be a good guest while in their country. Enjoy it for all the rich culture and beauty it offers, but keep your opinions to yourself.

Thai Food.
Thai cuisine has become very popular throughout the world. It is one of the best reasons to choose a vacation to Thailand. Thai food leans toward the spicy side, if not out and out HOT! Perhaps the five essential flavors in each dish have something to do with that. They are, first and foremost, hot (spicy), and then sour, sweet, salty, or bitter. Thai cooks have learned to marry a selection of these elements into each dish to create sumptuous delights for any palate. Also, a good Thai cook uses fresh, rather than dried, herbs and spices and fish sauce is used generously.

Thailand Tourism Festival.
Celebrated annually in June, the Thailand Tourism Festival (TTF) is a big deal to the Thai people – the main attraction of the season. It embraces a wide variety of activities centered around Thai culture and traditions. It is a way to experience their everyday way of life. You will enjoy fantastic stage presentations as well as displays of their local arts and crafts. It is a festive and vibrant event and not to be missed if you have an opportunity to be in Thailand that time of the year. You will find exciting selections in the marketplace to pick up souvenirs of your visit.

The most popular destinations are the seaside resort area of Phuket, as well as Bangkok, Krabi Samui, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya. So give Thailand a try. You will likely want to return again and again.

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