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Picacho Peak

Picacho Peak State Park is situated between Tucson and Casa Grande in Arizona and surrounding Picaho Peak as a state park in the United States. The park is well known for wildflowers which bloom from the middle of March to early April after the winter rain. Even though the interstate 10 is near it, the west face of the park possesses a desert named Sonoran with unspoiled. The spire with a small plane space can be achieved through the two paths. Parts of the trails are unstable, and hikers all benefit from the cable and channel, make a few of routes via ferrata in USA.

A short road in a dedicated exit I-10 of Picacho Peak State Park passes through the tourist center and entrance station and twists along the mountain’s north side to the campground. Besides, the park starts charging the fee with 6 dollars for each vehicle since 2009. The top of the mountain is noticeable from a long road while driving down to the interstate highway because of its relative isolation, far from adjacent ranges. Although an intermediate ridge crossed by the summit trail, it seems impossible for vehicles to climb on Picacho Peak due to the vertical cliff which saw the interstate highway. Apart from the main route called the Hunter Trail, a long path with 3.1 miles named Sunset Vista Trail spans the hills located on the south side where offering the landscapes over dry washes and extreme saguaro plains filled with wildflowers in the time of spring.

The trail to the top of Picacho Peak is the Hunter Trail which we mentioned above. It starts from an area with 1980 feet above sea level, where shared the facilities with Callway Trail. The nearest towns with hotels are Eloy, Case Grande and Marna where visitors can have selections to have a rest.

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