The Leading Low Cost Airline in India Is GoAir


GoAir Airlines was established in 2005 in India with the concept of offering competitive airfare at about the same pricing model and fares that would allow people to travel by air at about the same fare as they paid when they traveled by train. The airline’s range of domestic flights covers about 10 cities where people can arrange a flight on a daily basis without difficulty. There are around 500 flights per day that travel between several cities in India including Ahmedabad, Bengalooru, Gagdogra, Chandigarh, Deli, Chchin, Goa, Guwahati, Jammu, Jaipur, Sringagar, and Mumbai.

The national GoAir flights often will make special discounts available on their fares to attract business and offer conveniences to their customers. Most of the bookings and flight arrangements can be made online which also allows customer to check on the status of flights, and cancel and rearrange flights as the need may arise. This allows for a better cost to flight model for the company, as they do not have to hire as many personnel and ticket agents at the point of entry for the flights. There is a complete schedule of flights available online where the customer can reserve tickets for any flight that is available on the schedule. The destination, flight number, and the time of day for the flight can be selected by the consumer.

GoAir is an incredible bargain for the people of India who are used to traveling by train, and who now can get to their destination more quickly by plan for a comparable price. Flights can be booked for a one-way flight only, or for a return flight as well. If for some reason, there is not enough information online, or if the information is unclear, there is a convenient toll free number that customers can call and make their arrangements over the phone. There, a well-trained customer service person will be able to help the customer with all of their flight needs for GoAir.

If arrangements are needed for Group Travel, there is a separate website for which arrangements and reservations can be made.

GoAir has become extremely popular due to its low fares and excellent service before, during and after the flight. The kind and attentive service is much appreciated by the people and they love the savings that they receive and the time that is saved by flying rather than taking the train to their destinations.

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