Pacuare Lodge—Ready to Release Yourself?

Pacuare Lodge Honeymoon Suite Pacuare Lodge Honeymoon Suite Pacuare Lodge Honeymoon

Imagine this: you are on a small shaking raft which is pushed up and down by the strong force of torrent, with the yelling and encouraging of your guide in your ears. You have no time to hesitate or panic but to paddle as best as you can.Then, after another wave of water, the stream becomes still and calm all in a sudden. Sounds so exciting, doesn’t it? It’s not a film but a true adventure at Pacuare Lodge, a great place to release yourself. And I believe the trip there will definitely become one of the most precious memories in your life.
Located on a river bend in a protected forest of 25,000 acres, which can be only accessed by rafts,  Pacuare Lodge, without doubt, owns a picturesque natural scenery. Lush rain forest grows on both sides of the river, with their verdant lianas dropping into the floating water. Wild animals can be seen everywhere—countless species of birds flying in the sky, howler monkeys yelling through the jungle . And after an exciting adventure on the river, you will finally see a wooden palenque in the jungle and be welcomed with local cold lemonade, which will surely calm your mood. So this is the characteristic of Pacuare Lodge: beginning with adventure but ending with peace.
It is an ingenious idea of the hotel to blend itself into nature. As you can see, the rooms here are all palm-thatched, with large windows on each walls so that you can have a good view of the exotic gardens. Of course, there are other ancillary facilities for tourists as well, such as verandas with hammocks, outdoor showers and larger rooms with better views. When it’s dark, guests can light candles and gather in the garden to have a characteristic dinner—caipirinhas as appetizer, fresh tuna, roast tilapia and filet mignon. All these dishes are served by hospitable locals who are pleased to welcome you there. How romantic this place is!

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