How to Buy Groceries in Norway

Buy Groceries in Norway Shoping_norway_318x184

Everyone thinks it expensive to eat outside, so it may be a good choice to cook at home, then you’ll save some money by buying the materials and products in the store.
We usually buy what we need in the supermaket which is considered showing the best price. Meanwhile, you can also buy some special products in other stores at special price.
Here Kiwi is considered as a supermarket worthy of visiting, because it can offer a good but cheap products. It is interesting that Kiwi gives you a guarantee that if you are not satisfied with what you’ve bought, they would pay you twice and if you find products expiring, you can get it free.
Even they can pay you cash when the item expired just yesterday.
The cheapest way to stay in Norway is surfing on couch. Of course you must cook at home.  There are also some hotels offering decent prices, but you should check them with local information. The ;ocal tourist information provides you a check balance to measure whether it is reasonable or not.
It can’t be better to bring a tent with you so that you can freely accommodate anywhere you want to stay. But you shouldn’t place your tent far away from the closest road and your belongings.

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