Brief History of Queens


Queens as the fourth largest population in the USA, it is known to many people. And if you take a tour at the far east direction, you should pick up some a time to enjoy yourself there. But here I strongly recommend you to take a brief look of his history. check it out, I bet this city will never let you down.

If you take a visit to the New York State, you should never miss Queens. There are plenty of things to offer in Queens. The most famous airports in this county are JFK International and LaGuardia Airport. If you want to get to these two air port, you should make sure that you book everything far ahead. And make sure that you known some details about the airport etiquette. If it is the first time that you take the plane, I strongly recommend you not to take plane that land at these two airport, especially the JFK, for the JFK has little time to deal with navigate for new-comers. For this airport is always full of guests. So you may ask why this airport is so popular, and the reason is that if you land there, you can find a lot of interesting places to visit in the nearby areas.

This city enjoys a large population and a large range of ethnicity on its citizens. This place is so popular in the world because of the lovely atmosphere. Most of the people who live there are minorities. However in recent years, the population of the Caucasian people is increasing dramatically. I bet the first time you visit this place, you will fall in love with it. Hence this place is full of people from all over the world, living in it, you will get a chance of visiting the entire world at one time. And you can learn a lot from them.

The first settlers here are from England. From the time when they come here in the year 1683, it only has five towns until 1784 when the North Hempstead town was first founded. And in the year 1898, the borough of Queens was founded. And since then, this place became stronger and more popular. It has the finest spot in the world. Just try to visit this place and you will know the charm of it.

What are you waiting for? Just picking up your bag and start your journey at Queens.

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