Zero Risk In Snow Canyon

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Snow Canyon is a state park in southern Utah in the United States. It has very picturesque scenes and provides the perfect opportunities for the visitor to hiking, horseback riding and biking. Ancestral Puebloans had been lived in Snow Canyon four hundred years prior to the middle of 17 centuries. It was discovered by mormon pioneers in the second time in 1850s and the state park was established in 1959 and named after Erastus Snow and Lorenzo, who have remarkable contribution in politics and religion are in Utah.

Snow Canyon was constructed by the blew-in quartzite sand and creation of gigantic sand dunes several hundred millions of years ago. Finally the dunes were filled with sediments and consolidate in white and red the Navajo Sandstone of constituting most of the park. Water through the rock, and created the canyon. Volcanoes were common in the region as early as 10000 years ago. Lava passed through the canyon which filling with basaltic, and the creation of the new canyon park. The park is situated at the crossing of the Great Basin Desert that towards to the northwest into Nevada, the Mojave Desert and the Colorado Plateau which extending to Colorado and New Mexico, towards to the east.

As Snow Canyon is a desert with high elevation, the vegetation is the species which have strongly adaptation in the desert with unmerciful environment, such as Yucca sagebrush and scrub. In the spring and autumn, you will find a large number of desert flowers in the park. Some wild animals are living in the park, including sidewinders, coyotes, lizard, roadrunners.

The easiest way to access lots of the sights and the trailheads of Snow Canyon is to drive on the single road where at the bottom of the canyon.

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