Your Safety Tips when Meeting other Travelers

Safety Tips

It is exciting that when you travel on the way, other people are on the same way. There are some ways such as social networks for you to keep in touch with other travelers. That could be a good beginning for you to make friendships with others and share some experiences with them. But you should remember to make sure whether it is safe or not. Here there are some tips for you to follow to keep you safe once you meet other travelers.
1. Meet and talk to them in the public place. Once you are in the public and feel something wrong, then you find a way to leave away. After someone talk to you and want to take you somewhere, you should know the place he want you to go to. Moreover it should be the place you aims to.
2. Let people know where you are going. When you decide to go with him for some place, please make sure that some people close to you should know it. Or you can send a message to someone  to tell him your going place and whether you are safe.
3. Have some contact message for the emergency. It is important that you have an emergency phone number and put it before your usual contact number.
4. Careful with your drink. When you begin to travel with another traveler, be careful with the offers he gives you although you know something of him. When a stranger invite you to have a drink, please check what you are drinking.
5. Find an excuse to refuse just in case. when you have an appointment with your friends in your stay place, but a stranger asks you to go out to other places or have a dinner, please don’t hesitate to say no. If you are really a solo traveler and it is hard to refuse his invitation for your first travel, then be reasonable and make an excuse to say you have a friend waiting in the hotel. That is really a strategy for follow, don’t believe somebody easily especially he is a stranger.
6. Follow your principles. Meeting other people on the way sometimes really gives you valuable experience and a good accompany or some advice, but in some case, it is better to be careful with strangers.

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