Your Chance to Thorsmork

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Thorsmork, a mountain ridge, is located between the Eyjafjallajökull and the glaciers Tindfjallajökull in south of Iceland. It is a wide valley which was named after Thor, the Norse god Thor. Correct name “Thorsmork” only refers to the ridge between the river Krossa, Tronga and marca, but sometimes uses the informal description of a wider area, which including the area between the Thorsmork and Eyjafjallajökull volcano. In the valley, river Krossa breezes between mountains. The valley is closed between glaciers, Myrdalsjokul is in the tail of the valley. This resulted in an especially warm climate, than in other parts of the south of Iceland. In protected valleys, there have green vegetation birch wood moss, fern, and other small shrubs.

As Thorsmork surrounded by the three glaciers, it provides a great picturesque landscape and panorama. Only 160 km from here to the east of reykjavik, but our jeep will cross the rivers and streams in the last 30 km where we can stop at and taking pictures and getting a real contact with the dropping iceberg. If you want to enjoy the amazing scenery, we can stop the Thorsmork for a couple of hours to have a wonderful lunch and take a short-time hiking. You can choose the way on the way back to drink rivulet. We can also stop at Seljalandsfoss where you will get a clear view of waterfall with freely fall. And we will have a short walk behind the waterfall to feel the refreshing drizzle and spray which falling down from one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland.

Thorsemork is known as the hike grounds. Various tours are possible here, from the glacier treks to short trips both of them tourists can choose for. There has a daily bus drive from the capital to Thorsmork in every year from June 15th to September 11th. And the opening time of the hotel is on May 1st to September 30th.

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