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Kanb,Utah Kanb,Utah

Kanab is a small town seating in the desolate mountains in western Utah of the United States. It has a business center, largely agricultural, grazing district and recreation community. The region was first settled in 1864 and Kanab was founded when 10 Mormon families moved into the here in 1870. There have 3564 people at the 2000 census. Kanab is a western town with amorous feelings, which referred to Little Hollywood by locals due to the history as location of most television series and western movies, for example, Daniel Boone, The Lone Ranger, El Dorado, The Outlaw Josey Wales and so on. Parry is a motel lodge situated in the center of town where was fulled of Hollywood actor in the western era.

Kanab is a gateway from Grand Staircase to Escalante National Monument, so it is a day trip town connects with the monuments and major parks. Besides, it is absolutely convenient access to entertainment areas and smaller parks such as Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, Grosvenor Arch, Kodachrome Basin State Park, Buckskin Gulch, and Cottonwood Canyon and so on. Kanab provides hiking, camping, mule and deer hunting, mountain biking, sightseeing, and photography for tourists.

Moqui Cave is one of the mostly unique visitor attractions in Kanab. It is a natural history museum, in which featuring the largest collection of dinosaur tracks in southern Utah and the artifacts of Native Americans. The other one is Frontier Movie Town Museum which exhibits film souvenir and movie sets.

A variety of restaurants are hosting in the small town for different taste, from North America to South America to Central America. The entertainment district is offering camping gear, gifts. A small airport is working for the travelers nearby Kanb.

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