Yellowstone National Park, The First National Park in America

Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone National Park is the first national park in America and the representative attraction of Wyoming. You can find mammals like shaggy grizzlies and giant moose in the park and it’s famous for a massive concentration of wild animals. Also, you can find half of the world’s geysers here. Along with plenty of alpine lakes rivers and falls, you may find that you have entered one of Mother Nature’s excellent creations. 30, 000 visitors come to see this symbol every day, and three-million a year. Travelers come and hike here to feel the ease of nature.
The aborigines here were Tukadikas, a Shoshone Bannock race that hunt bighorn sheep. The first white man who got here was John Colter in 1807, his notes about the towery geysers and boiling mud holes were firstly viewed as exaggerated tales, but soon leaded in explorers and travelers. The park was established 70 years later, in 1872, to maintain the grand geography of Yellowstone: the geothermal phenomena, the ancient forests and Yellowstone Lake
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