What You Should Know About Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

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Sunset Crater is over 20 miles away from Flagstaff where part of Arizona. It is Bonito Lava Flows of eastward move. Since 1973, it was no longer consented to climb when the trail to the thousand foot acme was closed in order to prevent inordinate erosion. There is a loop track called Lava Flow Trail which wreathes the formations at the foot of the volcano. For example, an ice cave which contains all the years permanent ice with pure and fresh and cool air. For a short trip, it provides a break for visitors currently. The plants and vegetation surrounding the volcano are sparsely, which mainly including distributed jack pine trees, many of them died due to an unstable foundation and lack of water. Areas are usually very desolate, looks like a volcanic eruption occurred in the recent period, even though it happened in 1065, some of the smaller events will happen in the next 200 years.

Cinder Hills Overlook is a further viewpoint of the Sunset Crater National Monument, from which travelers can have many overview of volcanic peaks in the southeast, such as Haywire Crater, Double Crater and Stewart Crater. Nearby lands have higher elevation, and the tallest point is about 8916 feet above the sea level. At the border of the Painted Desert, the Wupatki National Monument is only 6916 feet above sea level which is declined 2000 feet from there.

Travelers can reach the monument by the side road of US 89, 16 miles away to the north of Flagstaff. The visitor center has a small museum with exhibitions of volcanism and a seismograph. It is forbidden camping in the Sunset Crater National Monument. In the town of Flagstaff, visitor can pick up the suitable hotels based on your own standard.

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