What Better Way to New Orleans

New Orleans

Traveling in America is like being through a carnival which can gives a most sparkle in your life. And personally, New Orleans is definitely this destination suitable for having much fine tourism during vacation.

WWII Museum is museum with strong interactive. There are a lot of physical objects and the veterans, nurse, all staff of the video data, video, images and voice. Even young children will fall with relish. A part of Europe, especially various detailed information of Normandy, also has the Japanese aggression against China/southeast Asia zone, which will take about 3-4 hours if you read it carefully. If you don’t finish first day watching, you are only charged 5 dollars with the tickets of previous day in the second day. That is quite valuable.

Garden District is rich and has kept early rich mansion in New Orleans, so these old houses are being maintenance and preserved very well. Some homes are still retained the original garden, the whole yard to a quarter of the size of the block. Almost every garden is carefully managed. Some of them still retain its first master of vegetation. Visitors are available see many ancient old oak trees in the entire district. Little white flowers permeated the whole street light faint scent. A walking tour is offered for travelers, and guide will introduce each house from a history of all previous dynasties master gossip to the architectural features of different period in each season of the flowers and plants, which is very interesting.

Bayou/swamp is not only refers to the bay near wetlands, but also the natural habitat of the crocodile. At the same time, there are all kinds of birds, especially in winter, because there are migratory birds to fly north, bird varieties more. The trees in the wetland have a sense of Jurassic park.

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