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As the first design hotel in Berlin, Bleibtreu(which means “remain faithful” in English) has been attracting tourists from every corner of the world, especially fashionable youths. Located in Bleibtreustrasse —one of side streets of the Berlin’s noted shopping streets KurfQrstendamm, Bleibtreu hides itself in a restored nineteenth-century building, which may seem not to be a boutique hotel at your first sight. But it is indeed.
Once you enter the first floor, you can see a crowded café restaurant, a busy bar and a kindly florist. Passing through them, you can easily find a footpath, which will lead you to a glass pebble garden with a beautiful tree-shaded courtyard in it. And that is the place where a reception is usually held. From the location of Bleibtreu, you can have a good view of the western area of Berlin.
Designed by Herbert Jacob Weinand, a famous architect and an artist, Bleibtreu will definitely make you feel the characteristic of it. For example, the handmade furniture in each room is mostly made from untreated timber to keep pace with the environmentally friendly theme of the hotel, along with neutral colors and Italian mosaics. What’s more, the hotel pays attention to guests’ olfactory senses as well, making every piece of timber in the corridors have a different scent.
But that’s not all.Food is also under consideration. There is a delicate courtyard in Restaurant 31, where dishes are cooked in a brilliant, healthy way. Its food will surely satisfy your appetite.
If you want a spa with steam room, Bleibtreu has a basement spa that can meet all your needs. This small basement has acupuncture, reflexology and personal trainers in it, and meditation options are served as well.
Remember the florist? His name is Blumen and he’s got so many types of roses that you cannot recognize all of them.

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