Viking River Cruises

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As the world’s leading river cruise line, Viking River Cruises made a celebration for the 188-passenger Viking Prestige in Amsterdam in 2011, which, as the first phase, was the beginning of Viking’s fleet development program.
Viking Prestige is the first ship to initiate the program. Dating back to designing period, the storied Royal Viking Line was designed into a philosophy which was put into practice by two architects and several designers. Its design is unique, with French balconies and staterooms outside around the decks. Moreover, Viking’s setting of signature is not simple , of hidden grace. In this ship, travelers can enjoy a drink or meal in the open air.
Viking recently made the details of six vessels to launch in 2012 known to the public. The first of Viking’s Longships includes many ships, built based on the company’s reputation as the industry innovator. More invitingly,these vessels were featured by high-tech and patent, and their remarkable design is complex but attractive to passengers, combine with graceful design of ancient Scandinavian vessels. Prepared to sail on popular European cruises lines, each vessel is 135 meters long and seats 95 staterooms. This program is invested $120 million, so every ship has its own innovations as followed:
Two suites, each with a living room, bedroom and private revanda, are considered as the largest river cruise suites in Europe.
Seven Veranda Suites is 270 squares foot, with a large size of veranda in the living room and French balconies in the bedrooms.
There are 39 Veranda Staterooms each with 205-square-foot veranda.
The development of environment is made sustainable. For example, solar panels and an organic herb garden are set up to keep green atmosphere. New indoor/outdoor Aquavit Terrace is open to the air with glass doors.
The dinning areas are in the open air on the upper deck next to the lounge.

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