Vanuatu – the Shopping Paradise


If you are planning for a vacation, Vanuatu should on your traveling list. The relaxing atmosphere and the splendid scenery here gain its popularity around the world. Vanuatu can also provide you beautiful sunshine, golden beaches and fabulous shopping centers. This place is like a crystal lying on South Pacific. The warm sun and gorgeous vistas there can never let you down. You can also join the scuba dive and take an adventure through the native bush. Trying to get to know the Vanuatuan culture and experience the life of the local people.
When we travel, surely we would buy some souvenirs with the local characters, even on a small island. All these stuffs can carry the memories with this special region. Here in Vanuatu, the resorts are used to be close to local supermarkets, marketplaces and stalls where are filled with local interests as well as the international products.
When you go shopping, the marketplaces can offer you nearly anything handmade and local. The price of the vegetables and fruits, clothing, jewellery, and other handcrafted goods produced by the island residences. The capital of Vanuatu is called Port Vila, which is a must visit spot. The central market there is amazing. You can also take an adventure on Kumul Highway which is quite near the Ministry of Finance.
The supermarkets on the island are filled with international and local products. The largest chain in Port Vila is called Au Bon Marche. You can find it in many places of the city.
From Monday to Friday, the markets and stores will open from 8am to 5pm. On Saturday, the shops will close at noon. And on Sunday, it is a day off.
The currency used there is Vatu. The denominations ranges from VUV1 coins to VUV5000 note. You can get your currency exchanged in the four main banks on the island, they are ANZ, Westpac, National Bank of Vanuatu and BRED.
Pack your bag. And enjoy your journey.

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