Valley of the Ten Peaks, Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake Moraine Lake

The Valley of the ten peaks is a beautiful place with spectacular mountain scenery that contains the amazing Moraine Lake and the plateau above. You can be there taking a switchbacks trail from Moraine lake and go through a spruce tree forest.  The beauty of the Moraine Lake in the early morning is admired by so many people. There are some highlights at valley of the Ten Peaks recommend to you. You can take some time to enjoy the wonderful view in Crystal clear blue lake, spectacular mountain scenery and third highest mountain in the Rockies. There are some activities you can choose to make your trip more fun. There are wonderful hiking roads around the spectacular Lake. Also, you can take a canoeing to boating on the lake enjoying the impressive view and relaxing. There are great senesces at the crystal clear blue-green lake. A valley runs through by ten impressive mountain peaks and a hanging valley of larches under the mountain which is the third highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Following by Lake Louise, you can drive up to the Moraine Lake from Lake Louise, and then go straight past the Paradise Valley trailhead until you see a big parking lot on the shores of the lake. There you go and you can see the spectacular views of the lake and the Valley of the Ten Peaks in here.

Tip: please remember to bring crammer to take some amazing photos.

A few tips:
If you are planning to go there, there are some suggestions for you. It is better not choose to go there on weekend. It will be crowded and some rangers maybe will close the road. To be there early that you can see sunrise.

Location: Ten minutes from Lake Louise, one hour west of Banff.

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