Unlock the Hidden of Cape Town

South Africa always be my dream place for traveling as its pictureque landscapes and long history. If you ask me which country is the top one for me to visit, then, Cape Town is definitely the cat. It is hardly to image that our life is no color except black and white, how boring is it! Just because this reason, I think Bo-Kaap in Cape Town use the color to an extreme, where the color became a landmark, every house indicates the instinctive quality of owner’s personality, has played a navy, red, yellow and so on, and even look ugly with red, green, share here. That is quite bold amazing!

With the warm climate, beautiful scenery, colorful outdoor activity and strong culture, Cape Town becomes the one of most popular tourist destination in South Africa, especially the period from October to March, and summer will get a peak of traveling. Cape of Good Hope is not only a landmark, but also a base of building Cape Town. Strong westerly jet lifted waves that here in addition to the harm in a storm, and often have a “killer waves”. The wave front is like a precipice, sailed to the ship here often get trouble, therefore, it becomes the most dangerous navigation area in the world. However,the group of gulls living here are stationed and free of fear than other the nature.

If you are fond of outdoor activities, Table Mountain National Park can be the best place for spend your time. In addition to the table of God, you are available to play with a group of elf lovely which are claimed to be an elephant cousin daman particularly those. Whale watching is one of the popular local projects, every year in August to November is a good season to watching the Southern Right Whale, as for brinell whales can be seen all year round.


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