Unlock The Hidden – Golden Spike National Historic Site

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Golden Spike National Historic Site is far away from Brigham City about 40 miles in Utah south to I15 till the signage appeared in your vision. It is 1776 miles of railway track built jointly by two railroad companies which are Union Pacific and Central Pacific in Utah in May 10th 1869. The two lines, one from Omaha and eastwards from Sacramento met at Promontory Summit after many years of constructions in the remote and wild area of northwest Utah. Actually, the two sets of line are closed with each other and both of them can still be seen by the careful preservation.

Other locations in the NHS open the Big Fill Trail with over 1.5 mile long and also for driving. This part of the state almost uninhabited and still untapped, for many miles passed through only by fewer paved roads, grassy plains and mountains scattered uninterruptedly. The NHS visitor center opens at 9 o ‘clock in the morning, but all the evidence and opinions can be accessed any time without payment. Even though the campground here is not official, the visitor can enjoy camping with quiet and freely tracks nearby.

West Grade Auto Tour has not spread asphalt now but with a good condition. It is stretching to the west and across the flat prairie which between the low acme of Promontory Mountain, and then it begins to decline with the Great Salt Lake coming into views. The Union Pacific line is keeping the closed state, however visitor can have a driving trip start from the West Grade Auto Tour on the north side.

The major town with hotels nears the Golden Spike National Historic Site is Brigham City with 26 miles distant and Tremonton with 22 miles distant.

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