Two Major Wine Making Regions in Australia

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In Austrailia, there are many beautiful places that not only produce excellent wine and food, but also have a diversity of other things to do. Following is a brief introduction about two of this kind of place, Barossa Valley Wine Making Region and the Margaret River Wine Making Region. The Barossa Valley Wine Making Region Barossa is an ideal place for holiday makers as well as for weekend visiting. Barossa offers visitors not only fantastic wine and food but also beautiful countryside scenery. The cool summer rainy winters and fertile soils here become the Barossa Velley a perfect production base for wine, especially the varieties of Cabernet and Shiraz, and also produce good conditions for diverse kinds of agricultural crops. More than 150 wineries are built here, which produce many kinds of wine, such as Grenache, Sauvignon, Semillon, Viognier, Mataro and so on. Restaurant that offers local wines can be found anywhere in this region. In addition, the stunning landscape also provides opportunities for visitors to explore its surroundings. Meandering heritage trails with clear signs can be found in this region and can be passed along by foot or by car. Also, these trails pass through some local art galleries, food producers, excellent wineries, and historic buildings, which will make your visiting here more interesting and funny. It is easy to find a place for accommodation in the Barossa Valley, but if you choose to stay in Adelaide hotels that are about one hour’s drive from Barossa, you would spend your holiday part in the city and part in the valley. Margaret River Wine Making Region This region is located in the western part of Australia. It has a warm Mediterranean climate, therefore, a very attractive place for tourists throughout the whole year. There are also several world-famous wineries here and worth exploring. Many wineries offer visitors with free tasting of the handcrafted wines. In addition to the excellent wines, there are also many areas in this region that boast for various kinds of activities, such as adventurous sports, nature walking, surfing, whale watching, caving and shopping. Local restaurants will offer visitors some very delicious local cuisines, which are favored by both local people but also tourists. Children can also have a lot of fun here, like dolphin watching, beautiful beaches, swimming, and snakes like chocolate, ice cream, and fudge. There are a lot of options for accommodation in this region, from hotels to beachside resorts.

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