Traveling Through Rural India


India is a country filled with amazing landscapes, a wonderful and diverse coastline and some vibrant green hills. This is the seventh largest country in the world and it includes a wide variety of cultures, religions, languages and ethnicities. The unique culture and rich traditions make this country a unique experience for visitors.

About 70% of India’s population lives in rural areas. You will see the true beauty of this country and the wonders of Mother Nature if you take a tour through India’s rural landscapes. Exploring the busy cities of India is a great experience too but you will see a unique mix of traditions and modernity in the countryside. Planning a great journey through the Indian countryside is not very hard because there are so many special things to see.

Decide when you want to go to India and which area you want to see. The most popular rural touristic destinations are located in the areas of Rajasthan, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa or Assam.

You will learn a lot about the roots of India culture and discover some fascinating traditions by simply talking to the people you meet. You will make some great encounters if you are tactful and respectful.

Try being an active participant in cultural events and festive occasion. You will probably come across many colorful festivals and fairs in Rajasthan. If you stop by the Pushkar fair, make sure you get a camel ride. Try some of the local foods such as daal, baati or churma.

You will find many agricultural attractions in rural India. Walk in the paddy fields and maize cultivations and find out more about the techniques used by farmers. You should also try staying at a hay hut built by farmers in the middle of crop fields.

Do your best to stay in good health when traveling to another country. Be careful with what you eat and drink. Always look for hygienic accommodations and avoid foods that do not look clean. Protect yourself from insects and diseases you are not used to. Bring a first aid kit with you as well as a list of doctors and hospitals located in the areas you plan on traveling through.

It is best not to bring eccentric clothes or items you just bought. Find some decent clothes so you do not stand out and make people feel comfortable about talking to you. Be discreet with the electronics you carry with you, such as your camera or cell phone.

Take your time and explore the Indian countryside. Stroll through soothing landscapes, admire the wildlife and talk to the people you meet. Buy some souvenirs and don’t forget to take pictures during your trip.

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