Traveling in Queensland


The population of Queensland is four million and ranks second on the Australian population list. The temperature here ranges from 77F to 59F. And the capital of Queensland is Brisbane which has two million people live in that city.
The starting point of this province is the northern tip of Cape York and the ending part is the Gold Coast to Cairns in North Qld. The distance is around 1760klms. You can take a flight at the Brisbane airport, which is quite convenience to get to the Sunshine Coast. You will never regret. And there are around forty airports in Queensland. So always can take you to the destination you want. There are various levels of hotels here. You can choose whatever you want during the vocation. The fresh air and the beautiful scenery here will surely let you released from the heavy burdens of the daily life. Trying something new, going somewhere different, recharging the batteries and reconnecting with the life.
When you travel, inevitably you’ll encounter some obstacles. Before you set off, you should make it clear. You would never know when you will encounter the bad weather. Or even you have watched the broadcast the day before, you would never expect that every store there sells the umbrella. These tips can lend you a hand before you start your adventure.
The top tip is the weather. Check out the forecast before you come here. The second one is the time. Do remember the local time always run ten hours ahead of the GMT. The third one is the metric system- the kilometers. And the fuel is sold in liters. The forth one is the driving. You can hiring a vehicle here, if this means convenient. The fifth one is the electrical voltage. Most of the electrical voltage here is 230 Volts like all other area in Australia. And the emergency number in this country is 000. The 3G services cover most of the area in Qld.

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