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If you choose to take a trip to Israel, then you would have a lot of things to do. Israel is an ancient country and has long Jewish cultures. You can find many historic heritages related to the Jewish culture. You can have a lot of choices for your travel aims, such as for educational purpose, archaeologist purpose or religious purpose. There are many different kinds of religions in Israel, like Christianity, Islam, and Jews. If you are interested in religion, you may have a lot of choices of tour packages. Israel Christian tour mainly focus on places of Christian religion, Israel Jewish tours on Jewish holy places, while Israel holy land tours cover all the religious places, and Israel classic tours only cover the most famous places in Israel.

If you prefer private tours, then you will have a lot of things need to do by yourself. Firstly, you need to book a tour package in advance and make sure that the travel agent would offer private tours. Then, the most important thing, you should work out your budget. Many tourists like private tours because you can plan your own journey without the interference of others.

Before your setting off, you need to search for information online for Israel tours. It is quite useful as you can find the most suitable flights and budget in advance. You can choose group tours, private tours, or individual tours, but they are different in prices. You should make sure which type of tour you want and then make an appropriate plan.

Israel has an ancient history of religion, and you can take this chance to know about history generally. Jerusalem is the most important city in Israel and is a must visit place. Israel will show a different world, which is full of sacred feelings.

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