Tours to Guatavita and Zipaquira


This vacation must be an amazing tour. We can ensure you to have a great view to Bogota, and there you can also visit the spots which are around this area, or you can go a little bit further to have a deeper exploration.
We can offer you a private transportation service with which you can go to the first destination of our tour lake – Guatavita which carries the meaning of a lost city of gold, a legend of Dorado. Long time ago, the rumor says that Dorado legend is resident in the Andes range near of a lake, and people then rushed there and it turns out that they discover the Guatavita sacred lagoon. When you visit there, you may take a splendid view of the lagoon. And on the way, you may discover a a piece of gold.
Another place you may take a view of it is the Salt cathedral which is a marvel in Colombia. This place is forty-nine Kilometers from Bogota. When this place is first built, it was a salt mine, and then it is converted into a cathedral. This place is a perfect combination of the beauty of nature and the human’s work.
When you take your tour at the above mentioned places, say Guatavita and Zipaquiran, you need to take some things which are crucial for the tour.
The first thing you may need is the Hotel – Tour – Hotel. Then is the Snacks of this region. To have a great view of the scenic spot, you may need a pair of Binocular. Is you cannot understand Spanish, a Spanish – English speaking Tour Guide would be helpful. A lunch is a necessity there, for the foods and typical traditional local food. Sometime you may have a Logistic + Permanent guide when you travel around but this is not I suggest. The schedule of the journey is every day except Mondays. We start at 9:00 a.m. from your Hotel and end at 4:00 p.m.
By the way, you may need an umbrella and a layered jacket which you may need at Guatavita lagoon. Because during this time of the year, there will have plenty of rain precipitation. If you forget to bring your umbrella, you can borrow one from us.

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