Touch Nature on Maria Island, Australia

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If you want to get rid of all bothering trifles and get out of the cement forest, if you want to make a close contact with nature, try Maria Island, a pure sanctuary located 10 km off the east coast of Tasmania in Australia.
Maria island remains an original living styles, which means you can’t find any modern vehicles, restaurants, stores or even permanent residents on the island. In fact, there are only few employees of Tasmania National Park and a lonely ghost town on the island. It is the unartificial model and protecting measures that make this place a World Heritage Site selected by UNESCO.
On the island you can find gorgeous natural scenery and various wild animals, as well as few historical remains of aboriginal and colonization. In this paradise for wild creatures, you will meet many rare animals that can only be seen on this island, including native wombats, the red-necked wallaby, Tasmanian pedamelons, the Eastern grey kangaroo and the Tasmanian devil, as well as 114 bird species, which is another famous attraction of Maria island. In the sea, seals,pilot whales and humpback whales will make regular appearances. All these animals live a carefree life on this peaceful island.
Once you arrive here, you’d better take a bike to view the scenery and animals, so that you can stop at anywhere you want and make a close contact with them. If you are exploring the island, remember to bring enough food in case of a long trip (the island has 2 parts: northern and southern).
Of course, if you don’t want to sweat too much, a tourist group is also recommended. You can enjoy delicious Tasmanian cheeses and Tasmanian beef dishes and fine wines that are transported from the mainland of Australia.

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