Top Five Best Holiday Islands In Europe

There is no lack of islands for anyone looking to vacation in Europe. Each and every one of them offers breathtaking views and plenty to keep you entertained. But, as this article’s title suggests, there are five islands in particular that stand out above all the rest and each requires but a short, easy flight from London.

Let’s start with Numero Uno – the Spanish Island of Ibiza. It is a great holiday island for the younger set looking for a super-charged party atmosphere and plenty of opportunities to dance, dance, dance! It can be found just off the coast of Valencia Spain. There is something for everyone on this island, whether the rich aqua coastal waters beckon you with their beautiful beaches, or the jazz clubs with their lively night scene. You can even lose yourself in a yoga retreat that will send you home totally relaxed and feeling sublimely serene.

Another Spanish beauty and Numero 2 of our five exotic islands is the island of Mallorca. When it comes to scenic beauty, its white sand beaches vie for visual domination with the majestic mountain ranges. Lovers of history will find Mallorca a place of never-ending fascination with it’s ancient Islamic artifacts. It’s also a popular place for archeologists and historians.

Numero Three is Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Again, we are in Spain but also just off the coast of Western Sahara Africa. As with most islands, it offers exotic beaches, gentle breezes, but it’s also an artist’s paradise with its luscious landscapes and natural wonders. Lanzarote’s subtropical weather and gorgeous green blue beaches are a huge attraction to most travelers. It’s also an animal reserve and UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

For Number Four we’ll finally say goodbye to Spain and move on to Greece and  the island of Rhodes. Again, there is a lot of history to be explored here as the Turks have had a presence here since back in Medieval times. Don’t miss the ancient ruins between those days of sunning on yet another amazing beach. What could be more relaxing?

Finally, for Number Five we’ll remain in Greece, only this time on the island of Cyprus. You’ll find that just off the coasts of Greece and Turkey. Plenty of on water activities on this lovely and historical island. It’s got something to hold the interest of every member of the family, including lots of water activities.

Between white sandy beaches and azure seas, dancing, good food with history on the side, you’ve got it all between Spain and Greece’s coastal waters.

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