Top Festival in July

People always in a bad time as soon as they a travel idea comes to their mind and paused worriedly after a suitable destination settle down. To reduce the level of problem, I would like to give some amazing events which held in September all over the world.


Oregon Brewers Festival definitely comes as the first one on the recommendation list. Visitors who are over 21 ages can buy a mark cup as a ticket, the interest thing is people use wood instead of money to exchange commodities. Children can be accompanied by adult’s approach, but can’t drink, only to drink. Visitors are provided a wide variety of beer which can let you imbibe, you can be in inside ate and drink and talk.


The second one in the following is absolutely a paredise for chilren, which is Cadbury Chocolate Carnival. Every year, Jaffa race will take place in New Zealand in July. The race located in Baldwin Street of Dunedin in South Island. It is entitled as the steepest street of world in the guinness book of world records. Every year, tens of thousands of “jaffa” pour down from Baldwin street, chocolate beans here instantly turned into a sea of orange. The first  the five “jaffa””run” to the end of the track is the champion of the game.


If you are fond of music, ImPulsTanz can be the top one as your vacation destination. It founded in 1988, which is Europe’s largest dance culture. In the middle of July to August every year, attracting thousands of professional dancers, drama, dance group, artists, in this series of performances, dance workshops and research projects, etc. ImPulsTanz is recognized as Europe’s largest dance festival, on this year’s show, the dancer Boolean creative works of classical dance naked deduction method “the power of dramatic crazy, become the hottest topic.

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