Top Eight Road Trip Locations in USA

Do you want to travel around USA? Do you still confuse what theplaces you should go? There are below some great locations for you. Chose someplaces to start your American journey.


Hollywood is one of the most famousand popular road trips in USA. It is a fancy and amazing road to visit for thetraveler. It is also a good place to take movie for Movie Company.


There are some casinos in LasVegas is waiting for you. Prepare yourself to enjoy the vivid and fun road. Relaxingyourself a day. Las Vegas maybe sometimes is crowd. However, if you are readyfor it, Las Vegas is a definitely an amazing place.


The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular places to visitand is also one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The pictures andvideo can’t easily to justice it so you definitely need to enjoy the view standingin there.


Ground Zero is an interesting place to visit. The turning point of the World Trade Center in American historyis located in here. It is very worth to visit. Let’s check it out.


You definitely should go The White House to see the official living house of the President if you travel inAmerica. There are many camera and police so don’t do anything stupid things oract weird.
There are many shops, clubsand Memphis suites on Beale Street. It will give you so much fun for you. Andalso it is cheaper and easier to access than the other place on the list. Let’sbe there and enjoy a shopping day.


Sunset Boulevard is one of themost popular streets in the world. There are many films, songs taken in here. Hoover Dam is considered the largest dam in the world, it build in the 1930s, there are so much needed water andpower bring to the Southwest from Hoover Dam. Definitely it is worth taking alook.


After looking those places,are you ready to pack your stuff and start your journey? Call some friends withyou to check out these places.
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  1. Jennifer July 16, 2013 at 1:18 am -

    Great post! I think all of these spots would be a great place to see if you’re taking a road trip. I’ll definitely need to jot them down for future reference.