Top 5 Paris travel books

Fodor’s Around Paris with Kids


Around Paris with Kids is a book about visiting Paris and has an introduction to 68 fun family activities which can be done with kids, with each activity being characterized with practical tips. Also, the introduction of good places for dinning, visiting or lodging is included in this book.

Around Paris with Kids is unique and kid-friendly, with much more practical guides.

Some exciting new kid-friendly sights and activities are added as well as some updated information about restaurants, so as to help families enjoy a comfortable holiday in Paris.

Reference and index of this book can help parents access quickly the main information about attractions that they want to visit.

Last, this book is written by a parent who has personal experiences, so it is much more practical.

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Paris in Color

Travelling to the most romantic city in the world, Paris, is just like a journey in the color world, for you can find various kinds of colors, which are displayed harmoniously. Paris in Color is an artwork more than a book, which displays a lot of photos that show you a more delicate Paris. A weathered white door, bright blue bicycles against a fence, an orange café chair, all of which are common phenomena in Paris, give people a more detailed and beautiful Paris when they are serendipitous discovered and taken. The photographs stored in this book will surprise and delight people who are interested in art, color, and design.

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Paris to the Pyrenees: A Skeptic Pilgrim Walks the Way of Saint James

This book is mainly about the journey taken by the author, David Downie and his wife, both of which want to review the pilgrim path. They start from the Rue Saint-Jacques, and this journey takes them 72 days on pilgrim paths and Roman roads to arrive at Roncesvalles, Spain. The pilgrim path is of more than 1000 years old and leads to the sanctuary of Saint James the Greater. Every pilgrim is inward journey as well as a physical one. And for the author, through this review of the pilgrim path, he acquires self discovery and also physical regeneration.

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The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World’s Most Glorious – and Perplexing – City

The author of this book, David Lebovitz, has always hoped to live in Paris, but when he truly begin to live in here, he feels Paris is much different than what he has expected. This book tells you how the author gradually falls in love with this city.
You may think this book as a funny, irreverent and offbeat look at Paris, a city of cheese, color, lights, chocolate and so on, but it is an authentic understanding by someone who comes from a total different country.

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Market of Paris, 2nd Edition: Food, Antiques, Crafts, Books, and More

This book has updated some information about markets in Paris, and will show readers a more complete and authentic phenomena of those markets.

Updated information is mainly about the vendors and food, added with photos and profiles.

One remarkable change in the Paris market is there appears an inclination to organic, and there have emerged three organic markets in the city.

Also, restaurant menus are unpadded, adding some new options.

This book is much more practical than the first edition and reorganized by arrondissement in order to be more user- friendly. This new edition has a lot of photos and modernized design, which will give reader a fresh feeling.

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