The secret you won’t want to miss in Paris

As a travel destination, Paris always on the top of list for almost everyone, no one can refuse it by its unique charm diffuse from the historical buildings. Today, Paris not only a Western Europe’s political, economic and cultural center, and it is a prosperous and beautiful world city and tourist destination, every day to attract numerous guests and visitors from all continents.

Paris’ government attaches great importance to ecological environment construction, although the urban land is very nervous, the government and also do everything possible to increase the green space in urban communities, gardens and woods, to improve the environmental quality of urban communities, improving people’s living environment. Paris is the city of art, and previously the capital for flowers
Louvre is absolutely the first place you should visit after arriving Paris, a large group of collection indicates its rich cultural background. You will be shock by not only the historical of art, but also the glass pyramid-shaped structure added by architect I.M. Pei. Then, Arc de Triomphe is waiting for you in front of Louvre.

As the most important symbol, Le tour Effiel is the best spot to overlooking this city. You will understand the real meaning of this tour: A symbol of machine civilization can see any corner tower in Paris.

If you are fond of Modern Art, Centre National d’art et de Culture Georges Pompidou is the best destination with huge attraction and you won’t disappointment even if numerous expectations is following behind you.

Of course, it won’t listen to reason if Shopaholic miss the Avenue des champs-elyses where is definitely a paradise for shopping!!! And, Escargot is the top dishes you should try first! For luxury trip, Foie Gras must be on you one of you dinner tables. After that, a sweet Crème brulée can be your desert.

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