The Next Best Timing for Martha’s Vineyard – Illumination Night


When I first traveled to Martha’s Vineyard, I accepted the advices of the people and went straight to the Edgartown where as pretty as a postcard with the pleasing white fence and Greek style restoring renascent mansion of sea captain. I went to nature protection area Chappaquiddick Island by the tine on time ferry, where the notorious president Senator Ted Kennedy was dead in a car accident in the midnight. I even drove to the end of the national highway, and when I realized that I stand in the land where belonged to the original inhabitants, wampanoag indians, I felt very amazing.
The historic area I like most is the oak bluffs, more precisely, is 34 acres Wesleyan woods, also known as camp. In 1889 among the Renaissance of religion, there are as many as 140 of these “cabin” were established for prayer. Now most of them have been razed to the ground, but the oak bluffs is such camps, Methodist preachers once declaimed, is a glory of the survivors. Strolling in this small town in a summer afternoon made me feel from the vision of prosperity in the 19th century. Unfortunately I did not visit the museum as others, so I hoped to have the opportunity to visit in a working day.

Old-fashioned seaside has snack stands and a merry-go-round. The merry -go-round was established in 1876 in Coney Island and was taken to Martha’s Vineyard in 1884, is America’s oldest merry-go-round work platform. Although it sealed in a barn, but the joyful calliope like leak music call the children into the entrance. Before riding on it, please take time to enjoy the antique of the process, and then you will find that the one with brown horse in deep feeling that you are looking for.

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