The Introduction of V Festival

V music festival

The V Festival is held in England, and it is an annual music festival which is held during the last two week in August. The SJM organizes the Concerts. All the shows will be put on play at the same time in two parks. On Saturday, it will be put on in one park and the other day, they will swap. The two parks are Hylands Park in Chelmsford and Essex and Weston Park in south. Though originally it is a festival for rock music, but as the development of the festival, there are many kinds of musical genres are accepted by this festival. And nowadays, the pop music is the most popular one.
The V comes from the idea of a man named Jarvis Cocker. In the year 1996, this man announced that he’d like to have 2 outdoor venues during the weekend. So he decided to have the sites in Hylands Park and Victoria Park Warrington. So this made it possible for the audiences have a chance to see the band in both south and north. Then he came up with the idea that he should add one more stage for camping and add more bands on the list. However the Victoria Park is so small for two stages. So in August 1996, they decided to have two days in the Hylands Park which can also provide the camping and one day in the Victoria Park. And in the year 1999, the northern park is moved to Weston Park in Staffordshire and remained there ever since.
And the name of the festival is settled in the year 2003. This festival has attracted many famous bands and musicians, say N. E.R.D. and Mel C, Dido have all taken part in it. In the year 2006, both Faithless and Razorlight have played during the festival. And in the year 2000, Coldplay performed there. And Kaiser Chiefs is there in the year 2003 and 2008. In 2007, McFly performed at the festival and achieved great reviews.
This festival is commercial noted. To join the festival you have to pay £10 for the programme which is the only way that you know the time list of the performing. And the burgers there cost £7. So this is also why, people think this festival is ‘greedy’.
In the year 2009, after the fans went crazy to get through the narrow entrance to The Arena stage, the organizers has to restrict the entry for Lady GaGa’s show at Chelmsford.

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