The Introduction of Iceland


Iceland is one of the attractive places and in Europe and most diverse places in geological aspect. If you want to have a vacation, Iceland is a better choice in summer vacation. For Americans or Europeans, this place is a stop on the way with no extra fees. What is mostly attractive in this place are wonderful glaciers, volcanoes and whales. Once you travel to this place, many activities are here for you to choose, such as watching whales’performance, appreciate volcanoes’magnificence and travel to glacier areas. Summer vacation is a good period to choose.
Maybe viewing from people who don’t ever have a try, Iceland has a temperature just like its name, but actually it is mild all the year round.   When you decide to plan a trip to Iceland, the Blue Lagoon is the most popular spot to go after arriving on airports. Although a small city, it is very attractive for its steam rising from warm waters. Maybe the ticket is not cheap, but it is worth a visit. It is better to bring a towel and swimwear during the visit, which can save you a lot of money. Inside Reykjavik is also a fairly small city. When you walk to the church and it is just not in service, the entrance ticket is free and the lift to the top tower is available.
Want to have an enjoyment of whale watching? During summer and winter, it is better to have tours from Reykjavik. Almost in every hotel, you can see many advertisements about this activities, so it is very common for every traveler and it is not expensive. Spending 2-4 hours watching that wonder is really a great experience. If you happen to be there in winter, the Northern Lights is open to travelers. This island of Iceland is so small that travelers can enjoy themselves at most of the time just by renting a car. Maybe just a stopover in your trip can satisfy your enjoyment of Iceland.

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