The Holy Land of Music


Using any adjective acclaim of the music is redundant, you only need to spend 5 euros can stand platform area of the national centre for the performing arts in Vienna to enjoy the ballet of international top level. You can also spend more money to schonbrunn theatre or Vienna concert hall have a symphony of the night; Or just took to the streets and devote to experience each brick each tile of Vienna beautiful rhythm.


Wiener Philharmoniker has performance in the golden hall, which is the typicals of New Year with almost ten years. In 2012, the Vienna New Year concert tickets worth 9392 euros of each concert. Even if the price is increadiable expensive, the New Year concert live performance is still a ticket is hard to find, at least a year ahead of scheduled to have the chance to enjoy the world’s top in a symphony.

Vienna art festival was founded in 1951, held in May to June in Vienna on a regular basis. The activity  will hold for five weeks, the audience can enjoy during the festival period of classical and modern music, drama, dance and musical performances. As part of a festival festival every year two large concert hall in golden hall and a music concert halls of the building related to the concert, the world’s most famous conductor, the orchestra and musicians gather in this will perform on stage.

Whether or not you are interested in classical music, do not miss the Sommernachtskonzert Schnbrunn which will provide you a great experience. Located in the outer suburbs of schonbrunn that  is a massive rococo palace, since 2004, the Wiener Philharmoniker held performance in schonbrunn gardens evening outdoor music festivals in early June every year. Songs will revolve around a fixed music theme. Schonbrunn concert by the conductor of the most popular this year gustave duda MEL perform, performing Tchaikovsky, Debussy music master’s classic.

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