The Heart Wrenching ENSENADA


During the weekends, people will crowd at the getaway for Californians- ENSENADA, a small town in Mexico. It is located between San Diego and Tijuana. In the year 1602, Sebastian Vizcaino stepped his feet on this land, he was astonished by the beauty of this paradise. And he named it “Ensenada de Todos los Santos” which means the Inlet of all the Saints. And nowadays Ensenada developed into a port and a fish-processing center. Because of its beauty, thousands of thousands tourists visit this place every year. Ensenada has the tropical weather all year round. But some night, it is so cold there that you have to put on the light sweater or wrap. And there are plenty of hotels. Most of the rooms have an in-room whirlpool or a fireplace. And the rates for hotels range from US$250 to US$25. The nightlife of the city is also marvelous. There are bar Hussongs, discos and many nightclubs.
You can find high quality authentic craftwork in the stores along the street. And in the specialty shops, you can find the jewelry, silver and leather products. Besides you can bargain with the vendors. If you need extra money for the tour, the bank is usually open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. And if you need to change your money, it won’t be a problem. Many money exchange desks can be found along the streets. Many places accept traveler’s checks and credit cards.  Mexican people like the seafood. But you can also find various kinds of international dishes. You can enjoy the gourmet, elegant, and casual dining establishments in Ensenada Restaurants.
The first place you need to go is the Street Promenade, and then is the La Bufadora. Don’t forget the Beaches where you can swim, suntan and picnic. And you should visit Bodegas de Santo Tomas Winery which is the biggest wineries in all of Baja. And the best time for the visit is February.

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