The Choice of Walnut Canyon National Monument


Walnut Canyon National Monument, a National Monument of the United States, is situated in the southeast of Arizona where close to Interstate 40. Walnut Creek is a seasonal stream which has carved a canyon with over 600 feet deep and flowed to east and joining into the Little Colorado River in the end. The canyon is about 2,040 meter above the sea level.

Vegetation in Walnut valley is diverse and abundant, and the changes significantly in different portions of the canyon. The shady, cooler, north-facing walls are covered by the sector of fir and pine trees. The bottom of the valley is home to lots of types of the walnut tree from which the creek and canyon were named. Rocks in walls of the canyon are composed by three different levels: on the third, cliff is found, is the Kaibab limestone and overlies the steep slopes, thickets Toroweap formation, and the lowest is sheer walls, the third Coconino cross-bedding sandstone.

The park of Walnut Canyon National Monument has a tourist center with a little museum. A lot of ancient dwelling were constructed around an U-shaped twist in the canyon, where a tall rocky plateau with three sides circled around by the creek, seems like an island and this area developed as the mainly attraction of the monument. There are lots of other ruins but did not open to the public.
Walnut Canyon is the most absorbing historic sites to explore for visitors by the spectacular location of construction and their excellent state of conservation in Arizona NPS. Walnut Canyon National Monument does not offer campsite, but a large number of accommodation options in the Flagstaff, which including a selection of large hotels. Good sites for freely national forest camping area nearby the volcanic country.


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