The Choice of Dark Canyon

Canyon Canyon

From the size and the number of wild, remote scenic valley of darkness is equivalent to the expansion of the San Rafael Swell in Utah. This is not a part of a national park or monument. Near the Grand Canyon, its tributaries, a little part of the Colorado River basin of a broad beam of protected land is divided into the Dark Valley wilderness area and larger Dark Canyon Primitive Area. Both of them are contained similar provisions, but by different institutions; the original area of BLM and the wilderness, the U.S. forest service. One aspect, which common to the whole area is difficult to access, in addition to the Sundance a dark valley, near the end of trail to track and view need long time driving in rough traces, and then explore the depth of the valley can only travel by backpack for a couple of days.

From the outside, most of the valley is like a small version of the Grand Canyon, because it drastically cut all kinds of sandstone and limestone strata of different hardness, but most of them are red/brown color, and form a series of vertical cliff. The upper is often scattered with shrubs so it is more celadon.

Going down from Sundance trail is the most popular day-trip. This trip will take two or three days by about 60 miles with the return journey. The upper trailhead is a quite good track which is connected with UT 275, a road to the Natural Bridges National Monument.  The other tracks extend as a network to the north from here. Further north, the road named 4WD leads to the Gypsum Canyon and Fable Valley which can arrive at Needles region of Canyonlands National Park go through from Beef Basin.

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