The Choice of Biscayne


Biscayne is a place with serene view of offing and picturesque waterscape in the watercolor. You can get scenery of fantastical corals, dazzling colorful fish, and sea grass with mildly waving by seeing it from boat with glass-bottom or taking a snorkeling tour. Thus, Biscayne provides beneath the sea and vista ashore.

About forty small barrier coral reef islands and undeveloped mangrove shoreline on east coast comprise the 5% land of the park, so, Biscayne is called wild underwater world. Coral reef is the most widespread form of life under water. The part of coral reefs which living Biscayne are the only ones in continental America.

Biscayne contains a complicated ecosystem which starts with mangrove shoreline to the Gulf Stream. Except the two organisms mentioned before, small islands and nautical nursery of shallow bay belongs to the ecosystem as well. Every domain is influenced with others and supports others’ life web.

Northernmost keys of Florida are guarded by the antique uncovered coral reefs that maintain the ocean waves by beating the bay. As a shelter, it offers the asylum for the beauty of coast and continues the lifeblood no matter beneath and surface.

From the middle of Dec to middle of April, this period is the optimal time to have vacation. Although some of mosquitoes and fast-moving thunderstorms would imperil your holiday, the seas are commonly peaceful and the hurricanes would not be the problem for snorkeling and diving.

Visitors have to make an appointment in advance for snorkeling cruise and you will lead to outer reef by take aboard glass bottom boat or swimming in the shallow waters. Here you should know that, scuba cruises is prepared for the qualified divers. Fewer passengers and bad weather will constitute the reasons to cancel the cruises. Besides, wandering around mangrove shore could also be a good idea for entertainment, and also, Dante Fascell Visitor Center provides several services for travelers.

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