The Cheapest Way to Travel through Europe


When we set our minds to plan a travel in Europe, the first thing that comes into our mind is the budget. Eating in any of the expensive restaurant or spending a night in one of the expensive hotel will finally pull the money out of your pocket. However is you are careful enough, you can save a lot of money while having fun in Europe. Here I want to introduce you some of the best of saving money while travelling in Europe.
The first that all the travelers have to deal with is the accommodations. Always spending the night in the 90 Euro per night hotels, you may have the money-running problem. Here I want to recommend you Hostels where you can have the basic needs, like a bed and a bathroom. There you can ask for a private room or rent a bed to sleep. The best part of sharing room with others is that you can get a lot of information from other travelers which can save you money and energy. Besides, you may need to pay a little for renting the pillow and the sheets.
You can also choose the Couch Surfing, which is totally free. There is a network where you can connect the people who volunteered to provide the travelers to sleep but without cost.
Another big cost of travelling is the travel fees. To get around Europe, you can choose a plane, a bus or the rail. Which is the cheapest one? Here are the tips for you.
If you need to travel by air, you may check Ryan Air which can provide the cheapest price for the tickets. Sometimes the tax on the ticket is much higher than the ticket itself. But the drinks and Food served on the plane need extra cost.
When travelling by rail, you should get a rail pass which can allow you to travel in European countries at a set price. In most of the bus services, the price ranges from one Euro to three Euros per trip. And Hitchhiking is the free way as a traveler. And the friendly local people sometimes will provide you an introductory trip.
If you get a Student Cards or Camp Cards, they can give a discount Europe Travel.
Hope you can enjoy yourself during the travel in Europe.

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