The Can’t-miss Chuan Cuisine

Chuan cuisine
Asone of the most popular cuisines in Chine, Sichuan cuisine is characterized by the unique and attractive flavor of both hotand spicy. When cooking a Sichuan dish, authentic chefs will make a good use ofpepper and paprika (usually local ones) in quantity, whether it’s pork, beef,fish or vegetable. It is the intense and attractive flavor that satisfies the captious appetite of dinners and makes Chuan cuisine an outstanding part of eight major cuisines of China.
Nowlet’s take a look at some typical Sichuan dishes.
Mapo Bean Curd (Chinese name: Mapo Tofu)
Bean curd is cut into chunks and served with red sauce, whichis the foremost part of this dish. The sauce is usually made up of pepper,chili, minced meat and other secret recipe. Ingredients also include somevegetables, such as onions and fungus. Another key part of this typical dish iscontrolling the temperature and time of cooking. Asuccessful Mapo bean curd should be not scorched nor too raw. Instead it shouldbe tender and soft, which is quite a test for Chuan cuisine chefs.
Spicy Diced Chicken (Chinese name: Kung Pao JiDing)
Named after the rank of its inventor, Kung Pao Chicken has won a great reputation and popularityall over the world. You can find it even on the menu of some European or American restaurants. Nobody can resist the temptation of its colorful look and attractive flavor with a little sweet taste.  
Husband and Wife Lung Slices (Chinese name: Fuqi Fei Pian)
The main ingredients are sliced beef and bovine lung, usually served with chili oil. The inventor of the dish is a lovely couple, who livedby selling beef slices. People love their slices so much that this dish is named after them.
Sichuan Hot Pot
Another classical Sichuan cuisine! Living in one of the most moist provinces in China, people in Sichuan love hot food so much. If you are planning to try this hot spot, a handkerchief is strongly recommended in case of the sweat
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